ECM Electronics Limited is accredited to ISO9002
Surface Mount Inductors (QMS)

ECM Electronics' strict quality regime pervades all aspects of the company. It is this philosophy that secured ISO9002 approval in 1995.
ECM Electronics Ltd is a UL Accredited Company
Worldwide Agents and DistributorsISO9002 Accredited organizationQuartz crystal and oscillator manufacturingInductive and specialist wound products manufacturer
We are ISO9002 accredited.

    IS9002 Accredited

This accolade is cherished within the company and isforemost in all employee's mind. It is the intention of ECM to ensure this remains the case.
ECM gives a guarantee of satisfaction by the methods employed within the company. All products are 100% tested and random AQL testing is in practice. The company operates a fi/fo system to reduce problems associated with products that are susceptible to shelf life criteria. Testing of critical properties all within a static sensitive environment, is an additional benefit offered to our customers.
All records are maintained on a computer database to enable ECM to maintain positive traceability for material LOTS.
The computer also generates approved suppliers lists which are continuously updated by routine inspection to establish desired performance levels, maintaining our unique international partnering concept. In addition, ECM has initiated moves to improve delivery performance to the customer to ensure only products of the highest quality are shipped, on time and at a competitive price.

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