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Surface Mount Inductors
MLB 5 to 2700 ohms EMI multilayer chip bead
SFB 50 and 100 ohms @100MHz Surface mount ferrite beads
MLI 0.047mH to 47mH Multilayer  EIA 0603, 0805, 1206 
ACS Micro 1.65nH to 12.5nH Surface mount air coils (High 'Q')
ACS Mini 2.5nH to 43nH Surface mount air coils (High 'Q')
EC0402 1.0nH to 40nH Wire wound ceramic EIA 0402 chip inductors
EC0603 1.5nH to 120nH Wire wound ceramic EIA 0603 chip inductors
EC0805 3.3nH to 820nH Wire wound ceramic EIA 0805 chip inductors
EC1008 10nH to 8.2uH Wire wound ceramic EIA 1008 chip inductors
ECM25T 5.0nH to 100uH Encapsulated wound EIA 1008 chip inductors
ECM32T 5.0nH to 330uH Encapsulated wound EIA 1210 chip inductors
ECM45T 0.1uH to 1000uH Encapsulated wound EIA 1812 chip inductors
ECM45CT 1.0uH to 330uH High Current wound   EIA 1812 chip inductors
ECM56T 1.0uH to 10mH Encapsulated wound EIA 2220 chip inductors

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