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Transponder coils from ECM Electronics

ECM Electronics offers a range of transponder coils for use in automotive electronic security and safety systems,  where the advanced manufacturing techniques employed have gained them a world class reputation.

ECM Electronics is a leading company in transponder coilware technology producing more than 27 million pcs per year. Continuous research,  development and quality improvement programs have allowed ECM to achieve probably the best RF and thermal performance of any manufacturer. Longer reading distances  are obtained due to very low core losses & high Q values of the coils, other benefits of this program are excellent mechanical stability and extremely low failure rates.

Electronic RF identification devices in the 125kHz and 400kHz frequencies use inductors as antennae both to receive and transmit in active (battery powered) transponder devices and to power the circuit in passive transponders.

ECM Electronics customized SMD ferrite wound inductors for transponders are produced on a fully automated production line and are 100% tested in line with a zero defects program. Currently ECM Electronics offer transponder  and reader coils for use with all existing IC manufacturers products.

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