ECM Electronics manufacturers of surface mount chip inductors.

ECM Electronics is a major manufacturer and supplier for a complete range of surface mount inductors in all popular sizes, 0603, 0805,1008, 1210.
Our combined manufacturing capacity for 0603 & 0805 surface mount inductors exceeds 100 Million pcs per month.
All of our surface mount inductors are manufactured with the latest and most advanced production equipment, ensuring that our chip inductors consistently meet or exceed the most stringent quality requirements.

ECMs' wirewound surface mount inductors have been approved for use in many industries, including Automotive, Telecoms' and Mobile Comms
All of our surface mount chip inductors are supplied on reels conforming to published industry standard specification. Lead times from ECM are guaranteed to embarrass the competition and will allow the customer to achieve faster "Time to Market"

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Wire wound surface mount inductors designed for use in Telecommunications and Wireless applications upto 3GHz. These surface mount chip inductors are competitively priced most popular values are available from factory stock.


Surface Mount Inductors (Encapsulated) These surface mount chip inductors offer a uniquely high quality of operation with excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. The ferrite core is totally enclosed within the polymer body.


Surface mount power inductors. These surface mount inductors are rated at upto 20Amps. Competitively priced and available with short lead times ECMs' range of surface mount power inductors are suitable for a wide range of applications. Please contact our Sales Office for the latest price and delivery information.


Transponder Coils. Electronic RF identification devices in the 125kHz and 400kHz frequencies use inductors as antennae both to receive and transmit in active (battery powered) transponder devices and to power the circuit in passive transponders.